Hordes io

In Hordes.io you will get 3D MMO browser online game. You can play as Tank, healer or DPS. Your task is to fight with other factions. Hordes.io is in the Minecraft or Kogama style. You can use spells and upgrade your skills and weapons. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Play hordes.io Game Online

In Hordes.io online you enter a 3D world full of block monsters and other players. Start battling them and increase your level and strength. Note that Firefox can have some problems with the mouse pointer lock; the game runs best on chrome. Play the RPG and adventure game Hordes.io Online. Choose a team and a class to explore the world full of monsters and in constant war. Upgrade the character and earn coins and experience for successful battles. Wander around the country, get new quests and make friends online to support.