Krew io

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Krew is new .io ship shooting game in which you sail the seas with your armed ship. Destroy enemy ships and upgrade your ship in krew io online unblocked. This game has been developed from the creator’s of and Sail the seas ship with cannons on all the sides. As you collect different boxes, your cannons can upgrade to make your ship super powerful. Watch out for other angry pirates trying to sink your boat! Play Game Massive multiplayer online game. Control your Tank and shoot down other players! As you collect coins, you can upgrade your ship and become the almighty pirate king! You heard old sea dogs in a nearby tavern talking about their next victim. And since pirates love money more than anything else, it was not that hard decision to board that boat, capture the crew, and take everything.
Controls : Move your mouse to control the direction of your ship. Click your mouse to fire your cannons. Destroy enemy ships and collect boxes to upgrade your boat.

How to Play :

1. Mouse Click
2. Mouse Left-click (Shoot)
3. Arrow keys